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At Ambience we wanted to deliver this health boosting product in a simple, easy to use, every day format. We wanted a way of delivering cannabidiol that wasn’t intrusive and still effective.

First we created Ambience eliquid as an easy means to take advantage of cannabidiol’s effects. It’s one of the most effective ways of absorbing cannabidiol.

But by adding our purest CBD isolate into an everyday-use cosmetics range not only did we make CBD accessible, but we created some of the first-of-their kind CBD enriched products.

Using cosmetics is part of most people’s daily routine and using the Ambience range makes delivering CBD everyday as easy as taking a shower, or moisturising your skin.

The growing Ambience range currently consists of five eliquid flavours in a range of CBD strengths and a daily use cosmetics range that includes moisturisers, balms and oils.

CBD is natural. It’s been found to be safe. And the existence of the human endocannabinoid system is one of the greatest discoveries of the century. As more research is carried out and its properties discovered the demand for CBD products will only increase.

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