By adding the purest CBD into everyday-use cosmetics we made cannabidiol ultra-accessible and created some of the first-of-their kind CBD enriched products.

Ambience CBD has created two natural and organic skin & body care collections, made in England, inspired by the ancient apothecaries and the power of our hero ingredient cannabidiol, one of the key cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The powers of this humble herb have been used for centuries to heal, soothe and repair the skin & body. Balancing this with the purest essential oil blends selected to improve wellbeing and to practice a simple, yet effective daily skin care & body ritual.

Ambience Everyday

Everyday CBD Muscle Balm


Help your muscles to rest and recover with this CBD-Infused muscle balm from Ambience. Made from natural hemp extract this boosting muscle rub and CBD balm invigorates, soothes and relieves tense and tired muscles, its un-tense.

Everyday CBD Intensive Foot Care Moisturiser


Enjoy intense nourishing hydration with this foot and heel care cream from Ambience. Enriched with CBD this intense foot cream helps control dry skin in an easy to use daily formula. Infused with premium CBD natural hemp extract, this all in one CBD product and moisturiser targets dryness to deliver all-day comfort, and at the same time helps boost your sense of well-being.

Everyday CBD Facial Moisturiser


Ambience moisturiser is perfect as an every day use face cream, that delivers premium CBD in an easy to use format. It’s easily absorbed, light on the skin, and replaces lost moisture. Your skin will feel refreshed and invigorated and your well-being gets a natural boost. Get that fresh skin feeling day and night.

Everyday CBD Lip Balm


Moisturising lip care enriched with CBD extract. Smoothes, softens and replenishes dry lips. Ambience CBD lip balm blends premium CBD from natural hemp extract with a hydration boosting balm that delivers energising CBD and protection for your lips.

Everyday CBD Body Oil


Delicately infused with our premium CBD, Ambience body oil is a stimulating massage oil that will refresh and revive. Rejuvinate and invigorate with this natural hemp extract CBD oil. Ambience body oil is an ideal accompaniment that will replenish your skin’s appearance.

Everyday CBD Body Wash


Water gets more refreshing with the Ambience CBD-enriched body wash. Packed with premium CBD, from natural hemp extract, this shower gel will energise your mornings, hydrate your skin and recharge your sense of well-being.

Ambience Everyday is a simple collection of daily use skincare products delivering CBD that’s absorbed through the skin.

Using the Ambience everyday range makes delivering CBD daily as easy as taking a shower, or moisturising your skin. It delivers boosting CBD in a simple, easy to use format. It’s not intrusive and totally effective.

Available as a body oil, lip balm, muscle balm, facial moisturiser, body wash and an intensive foot care moisturiser. Each contains 50mg of CBD.

Ambience Apothecary

Apothecary CBD Radiance Face Cream


A rich moisturiser infused with 300mg of cannabidiol oil rich in Vitamin E to protect & soothe the skin. Antioxidant rich rosemary, blackcurrant seed & ginger root promotes radiance while turmeric extract firms & evens the skin tone.

Apothecary CBD Body Butter


A rich blend of cocoa & shea butter infused with 300mg of cannabidiol oil, palmarosa and sunflower extracts to nourish the skin while patchrouli naturally uplifts your mood.

Apothecary CBD Foot & Leg Cream


An invigorating cream infused with 300mg of cannabidiol oil to soften dry skin, essential oils of rosemary, bergamot & peppermint to energise tired feet & legs.

Apothecary CBD Body Oil


A luxurious blend of coconut, jojoba & apricot kernel oil infused with 300mg of cannabidiol oil to sooth and nourish the skin. Essential oils of lavender, geranium and petitgrain are blended to aid relaxation and encourage a good nights sleep.

Apothecary CBD Muscle Balm


Naturally warming and powerful balm infused with 300mg of cannabidiol oil, camphor, chilli & rosemary essential oils to soothe and ease aching muscles.

By blending the power of nature’s essential oils and harnessing the benefits of cannabidiol, Ambience has developed a core range of luxury organic CBD skincare products.

Inspired by the ancient apothecaries, Ambience Apothecary has been built on four key collections. Each is carefully formulated with 300mg of CBD to target and nurture specific areas of your skin and body’s wellbeing.

This luxurious CBD infused collection promotes relaxation and peace of mind, targets muscle aches, invigorates and energises the body and nourishes and protects the skin. It’s simple yet effective daily skincare.

Though in this town there is no apothecary,
I shall teach you about herbs myself,
That will be for your health and for your pride.

Geoffrey Chaucer,

The Canterbury Tales, 14th century

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